“Surface” Original Fan-Made Anime


Link to Episodes: http://www.lifepoint1.com/change/surface/index.php

Surface by Lifepoint1 is one of my favorite fanime. I find myself watching it every once in a while to marvel at how it makes me think and how rare that is for a fanime. It’s about a group of seemingly random people that are transported to a strange place that defies reality and challenges them with riddle-like scenarios.

Surface has only two episodes so far but the second episode is split into two parts. Also the art and animation in the second episode shows a lot of improvement from the first. I highly recommend checking it out!

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Crazy Talk Animator Animation Software


Link to Website: http://www.reallusion.com/crazytalk/animator

Crazy Talk Animator is very good at 2D cut-out like animation, animation that involves less drawing. It quite advanced “puppeteering” tools and features and comes with a lot of art content like characters and props but allows you to import and manipulate your own art as well. Watch the YouTube video if you want a better idea of what the program can offer.

Crazy Talk Animator Standard costs $49.95 while Crazy Talk Animator Pro with more advanced tools costs $179.95.

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Link to Website: http://www.studioartfx.com

This is a website created by Terrence Walker that hold his Anigen video tutorials. In these videos, he talks about methods you can use to create your own anime series or stand-alone movie. Most notable is his expertise at integrating 3d into anime-style animation. His tutorials discuss these kinds of 3D methods that can reduce the amount of work for creating a fanime greatly.

He has a few free videos and charges for the rest of his videos. If you are looking for instruction from a real fanime professional, this is where you can find it.

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Anime Production – Detailed Guide to How Anime is Made and the Talent Behind it!

Here’s a great blog post about the process used in Japan to create professional anime. It’s very informational.

Washi's Blog

I think it’s both important and fascinating to learn about the fundamentals of the medium we all love, and one of the most critical questions is: how is anime made? For me, especially recently, that’s been a burning question that I ended up researching in detail. For the sake of other anime fans with the same question, I thought I’d share my findings. So, if you want ammunition to return fire the next time you find yourself caught in an argument about the merits of anime, or want a fresh way to look at anime, I hope this article will be useful. Over the last year or so, my increasing interest in this side of things has really opened my eyes to the talent, artistry, passion and beauty that can be found in Japanese animation. The article will focus on TV-anime production, but the same general process applies to movies…

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Anime Studio Animation Software


Link: http://anime.smithmicro.com/

What kind of fanime blog would I be running here if I never mention Anime Studio? Even though it has anime in it’s name, Anime Studio is not limited to just creating anime-style animations. You can create South Park-style cutout animations very easily. Anime Studio has a lot of rigging, bone, and tweening tools to help you animate without having to draw a bunch of frames (pictures), though you can make frame-by-frame animating in Anime Studio if you want.

As of this blog post, Anime Studio Pro costs $299. Fortunately, Anime Studio has a cheaper version with less features called Anime Studio Debut for only $49.99. Both versions have a 30 day trial.

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“Marshall Time” Adventure Time Fan-Animation


Link to Creator’s Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheLydiaLlama?feature=watch

I titled this post “fan-animation” instead of “fanime” because the artist closely copied the Adventure Time style for these videos (which is not anime-style). However, I think I’ll put it in the fanime catagory anyway instead of “other cool fan-made stuff” so it’s easier for people to find.

These movies are quite adorable continuations of the gender-bender Ice King fan fiction episode in Adventure Time. Marshall Lee x Fiona shipping is apparently very popular even though they do not speak to each other in that episode.

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“Fanime Reviews” YouTube Channel


Link to Channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hT_nvWreIhg

Hinari, is a reviewer on YouTube. Check out her channel, “Fanime Reviews” to watch in-depth review videos on various fanime. Her reviews are interesting and I’m one of her fans.

This blog is more like a list / gathering of fanime and related content, I will often give my personal option on the fanime I feature but I will never go into real detail on any of them and simply encourage you to check them out yourself.

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